VLC Podcast II: Science Fiction Sneak Peak with Patricia McKissack

August 13, 2009

In this podcast, enjoy a sneak peak of acclaimed author Patricia McKissack's new science fiction novel, Clone Codes. Patricia is a New Links to New Learning content provider; she's been conducting interactive videoconferences with K-12 students for over ten years from Cooperating School Districts! This year, in addition to her three-part writing series, she's adding three, 60 minute story hours for elementary students, and two Talk Shop programs on either historical fiction or science fiction, for middle school and high school students. To learn more about Pat McKissack's author visits over videoconference, visit her blog, Can You Imagine?.


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  • Rebecca Morrison

    Pat’s newest book, the science fiction story The Clone Codes, (a collaboration with her husband and son), is now available. In The Clone Codes, “The Cyborg Wars are over and Earth has peacefully prospered for more than one hundred years. Yet sometimes history must repeat itself until humanity learns from its mistakes. In the year 2170, despite technological and political advances, cyborgs and clones are treated no better than slaves, and an underground abolitionist movement is fighting for freedom. Thirteen-year-old Leanna’s entire life is thrown into chaos when The World Federation of Nations discovers her mom is part of the radical Liberty Bell Movement….”

    Jan 5, 2010 at 11:15 am